Monday, January 4, 2016

Coming Soon: Three Ring Circus

Available soon on Amazon from 120 Days Books: Set in the early 1970s against the backdrop of a mid-sized traveling circus and sideshow, Three Ring Circus tells the story of Mike and Jerry, a top-billed aerialist traveling with his multi-generational performing family, and a roustabout, one of the faceless workers who put up tents, drive caravans and man rides. Is their relationship strong enough to survive disapproval on every front, as much because they've crossed circus class lines as because they're gay? Like previous 120 Days Books reprints of vintage gay erotic novels, Three Ring Circus is and adults-only book that's more than the sum of its sexual content: It's backstage story in which every relationship plays out in public, because everyone lives, works and socializes within the context -- how could it be otherwise when they're on the move most of the year? But there are still opportunities to stray...

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