Monday, June 8, 2015

Vampire's Kiss and Gay Vampire are Here!

Gay Vampire and Vampire's Kiss -- two tales of the undead filtered through the prism of '70s adults-only pulp novels -- are now available on Amazon. The second two-in-one edition of vintage gay genre novels from 120 Days Books, Vampire's Kiss and Gay Vampire toy playfully with the idea of vampirism as a metaphor for homosexuality, minus the specter of sinister corruption that could easily lend them the ugly hint of self loathing that taints many gay-oriented adult novels of this period. Instead, both novels come down clearly on the side of vive la différence: In the latter, a bullied gay teen finds love with a one Barnabas C. Dracula (the shout-out to cult horror-soap opera Dark Shadows is unmistakable), while in the former a suburban wage slave finds a whole new perspective on the rat-race via a one-night stand with one "Alan Drake," a charismatic blood sucker with a super-'70s bachelor pad on wheels -- yes, it's in a house trailer! Because even immortal monsters have to keep up with the times...

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