Tuesday, January 20, 2015


New York City's foremost GLBT publication, Gay City News, featured 120 Days Books in the January 8-21, 2015 issue, in the article Pulped! Unearthing Important Gay Erotica.... Writer David Noh, who has vivid memories of buying vintage gay erotic pulps before they were vintage, discussed Man Eater/Night of the Sadist, the company's first two-in-one reprint, along with my own history as not only a collector of gay, adults-only paperbacks of the late 1960s through the early '80s, but also a reader of these books that, even now, are largely dismissed as old-fashioned, irrelevant, throwaway writing -- junk that happens be stuck between the cool "campy" wraps that have found a new life on chic refrigerator magnets, shower curtains and notebook covers. The best of them repay the effort: Adult-book publishers offered an outlet for gay novelists who wanted to write popular books about gay characters, from speculative fiction to thrillers, westerns and horror stories, writers who found few takers elsewhere and apparently things haven't changed much, witness this article.