Sunday, October 19, 2014

Man Eater and Night of the Sadist: Format Change

To my disappointment, production constraints made it impossible to produce Man Eater and Night of the Sadist in the tete-beche format -- two books, bound back to back, each upside-dowb in relation to the other -- given the financial constraints that bind a fledgling publisher without a deep-pockets backer. But both novels are included this two-in-one edition, and the covers have been redone so that both are included, one (Man Eater) on the front of the book and the other, Night of the Sadist, on the back. Thank you, Jenny Pfister, for your endless patience in reworking the design: Your faith in and support for this project is deeply appreciated. Publishing Man Eater and Night of the Sadist has been harder than I expected, and in the upcoming months I intend to write about some of the more unexpected obstacles, including content restrictions that were only revealed well into final production and suggest that self-publishing isn't quite the libertarian road to getting unusual, niche-market or sexually frank books into print that one might think, especially when the content of those books is gay-themed. The world has changed in many ways since the early 1970s, but the foundation on which some of those changes were built is less secure than one might think.

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